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       Welcome to my new website!  

     Sean Cadigan Photography, LLC, is a work in progress, as is this site and as am I. I got my first camera when I was 8 years old and have been a shutterbug ever since. I was that kid in high school who had a camera strapped around his neck every day for 4 years. I was essentially in training to be an event photographer, but had also gotten my first taste of doing modeling shoots back then and it was my dream to pursue a career in fashion and advertising photography. Life doesn’t always turn out how you initially plan; but, seizing the opportunity to pursue my dream, when at a turning point in my life, has been one of the most personally empowering experiences I have ever had.

     Through an unusual turn of events, I have connected with a wonderful group of people involved in the world of contemporary romance novels – authors, models, book bloggers, and readers/fans. The images that are created for these book covers, through the imagination of the authors and the characters that are brought to life by the talented models, along with the creative eyes of the photographers, are absolutely works of art. The photographs bring stories to life through that collaboration, and sometimes really good images can even inspire new stories to be written. My emphasis is on trying to help tell a story through the lens.

     A flair for fashion and staging has served me well in many aspects of my life and is particularly well suited for creating captivating book cover images. So, Sean Cadigan Photography, LLC, specializes in themed photo shoots. Work product is created based on knowledge of what authors are currently working on or planning to write. Samples of those images are available on this site and revealed on the Sean Cadigan Photography Facebook page.  Pricing for existing images includes a model fee and grants the author an exclusive license based on his or her particular needs. Additional photographs for each theme are available in non-public galleries that are made accessible only to authors, upon request. Most author galleries include sufficient photos to choose a cover image and several teaser shots, for promotional purposes.

     Additionally, custom book cover shoots are also available, although at a higher costs, as  travel expenses, up to and including airfare, mileage, hotel and food, must be covered as well.  Pricing, for existing images or custom shoots, is available upon request, so as to insure the fairest price based upon the actual needs of the author in each instance.  A book cover license is valid for up to 150,000 sales after which renewal is required. Once a book cover license is paid for, no further images from that particular themed shoot will be sold or licensed, to help preserve the value of the cover image purchased. However, images can also be purchased for non-exclusive promos, to be used as teasers on social media such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. These images are sold/licesed for a lower flat fee, and each non-exclusive image will have the watermark on them and can only be used as teasers and not as covers.

     If you would like to inquire about pricing for existing images or custom shoots, or if you are an author who would like to see more photos from a shoot contained in a sample themed gallery, please do not hesitate to contact me.   It would be an absolute pleasure to work with you and  to  help you find a book cover image that you can be proud of, and to help promote you and your new book, on Facebook and through other social media  throughout the cover reveal and book release process.  Think of me, and any model I work with, as part of your creative team!


      Contact Info:

     Address: Tampa, FL 33602

     Phone: (727) 580-1163


     E-mail: seancadiganphotography@outlook.com